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Beach Bliss

"I'm taking a few days to spend time with friends. Baylys Beach is gorgeous." That's the latest text from our intrepid explorer, Lucy. She's still in New Zealand and is planning to stay for a bit.

As suspected, she refuses to write her own posts and said if I created an Instagram account, she'd fire me. Sigh. I told her the agent and one of her publishers insisted. I received this in return: "..." So, I'll have to hold off on that.

After seeing this photo, I don't know about you, but I feel like I should be tagging along. I also want to know which friends. She knows so many authors, celebrities, celebrity authors. You understand, right. And she never talks about them. Ever. I always imagine her living in a contemporary Agatha Christie novel with fabulously wealthy people around and ginormous houses most of us only dream about visiting some day.

Well, sans all the murder. Except for that one time... That's a story for another day––if she'll give me permission to tell it. For now, I'll be searching for the electric blanket because it's nearing -17 celsius outside. Lucy's beach pictures look so warm.


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