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I haven't found Frodo yet...

This is Webster, Lucy's assistant. Yes, that is my real name. Since this may be your first contact with Lucy, there are things you should know. She prefers dogs to humans, well all animals to humans, really. Which is odd, since she knows just about everybody.

Unfortunately, she has a terrible habit of never telling me where she is. The title of the post is from a text. The only clue she's given me. So, if you see her, please update us here. I'll share with you whatever she sends me in the way of pictures and clues. But she's the most mysterious person I've ever met. She's fond of fedora's and caps, and she loves her navy raincoat. Oh, and there's usually a cup of tea not far away. Per my NDA,

that's as much of a description as I can give you.

I put up with her behavior (she'll probably dock my pay for that one) because I love her writing. She has many books coming up. It's only been recently we, myself and her agent, have convinced her to share them with the world. I promise she's worth the wait.

I'm off to see if she'll answer my text. Think happy thoughts that I can convince her to write her own blog posts in the future. Though it won't happen. She abhors all forms of social media.

It doesn't surprise me she's hanging out with Hobbits, as she does love a second breakfast. Until next time...

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